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Intelligent Agents

Intelligent agents are predicted to be in use by the majority of individuals and enterprises and generate hundreds of billions in revenue by 2021. Voice agents have revolutionized consumer’s experiences with search and provided simple controls, first on phones then spreading to other devices, homes, cars.  As people attempt to use them for a wider variety of tasks,  the limitations of the one-shot experience these agents provide becomes more and more apparent. 

We are at an inflection point where Intelligent CONVERSATIONAL Agents will be the next big breakthrough in interactive consumer interfaces

Intelligent Conversational Agent technology developed by researchers under NASA, DARPA, NSF and European Union funding is ready for commercialization.

Conversational Agents

Intelligent Conversational agents remember what a user already said. These agents use information about the environment and the task to UNDERSTAND what was said and what the user WANTED. If the user or the Conversational Agent misunderstands they can correct and recover. If the environment or the task are dynamic, the intelligent conversational agent can adjust to changes.  The flexibility and and robustness created by these agents multi-turn conversational capabilities will bring new less tech savy consumers to products and open new markets by supporting complex and collaborative tasks.

  • Complex conversations, human centered design.
  •  Delivering value in improved human efficiency, safety and access. 
Clarrissa Procedure Navigator
A conversational assistant for astronauts on the chronically under staffed space station, Clarissa was designed to collaborate on completing procedures, like a human assistant to improve efficiency. It was first tested on the ISS in 2005 

RADAR Pace Sports Glasses
A virtual coach for endurance athletes, for workouts when there’s no human coach to run or cycle along side.  Built in five languages with five different personalities, RADAR Pace is currently for sale.
Ford Motors– In-vehicle agent
This conversational system reported on the state of the car, road services and controlled a number of the car’s functions. This experimental system  was targeted at improving safety and ease of use. 
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