Beth Ann Hockey, Ph.D  
CTO and Managing Director, 

Dr. Hockey completed a Ph.d in Linguistics and a MSE in Computer Science at UPENN and was part of the UPENN  Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.  Dr. Hockey has over 20 years of experience in language technology including computational linguistics, NLP, spoken dialogue systems, computational semantics & pragmatics, parsing, grammar development, prosody, statistical NLP, hybrid techniques and machine learning.

She was a founding member of Intel’s Interactive Agent Technology (IAT) Group. As Senior Principal Engineer for Language Technology at Intel, Dr. Hockey provided language technology analysis and education Intel wide.  As an Engineering Manager, she was a language technology lead for the group’s work on the RADAR PACE glasses coaching product done in collaboration with Oakley.  

Prior to joining Intel in 2012, Beth Ann worked for NASA, taught Computational Linguistics and Spoken Dialogue Systems at the University of California Santa Cruz , and continues as CTO of BAHRC LLC, which had Intel and Ford Motors among it’s customers. Her projects have included in-vehicle systems ,  work on assistants for people with brain injuries, robotic wheel chairs and being project lead and key developer for the first dialogue system in space.  

Dr. Hockey is the author of over 50 refereed publications and is a co-author of the book “Putting Linguistics Into Speech Recognition: The Regulus Grammar Compiler” (2006 CSLI Press)  
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