We offer a full range of research services. Whether you want a report on feasibility, development of new techniques, or adapting this technology to your application area, BAHRC can provide the research you need. We have over 20 years of experience in Speech and language technology and have worked with organizations like NASA, Intel and Ford Motors. Contact us to discuss your speech and language technology research needs.

Technology Evaluation

When vendors show you new language based products, how to you tell which ones will suit your needs and which ones may not really be ready for deployment?

Speech and language technology is rapidly changing. This means exciting new capabilities are constantly being developed or becoming commercially feasible. Understanding the new research requires technical expertise in speech technology, natural language processing, and linguistics that most organizations cannot afford to have in-house.

BAHRC LLC can be your experts. We have extensive contacts in the research and commercial worlds of speech and language processing and are very knowledgeable about the current techniques and products. We evaluate products, or techniques as they apply to your needs. We can do a comparison of approaches and make recommendations for purchases, acquisitions or investments.


Do your personnel need to know more about speech and language technology? We can do a variety of training, from general overview to particular techniques. We can tailor a training program to your needs, your background, and your time constraints. BAHRC has teaching experience in university courses, tutorial formats, small groups and one-on-one.


Need to demonstrate how a spoken dialogue system would enhance your application? Want to start a conversational interface that could be moved to production? We can build that prototype for you. BAHRC LLC has extensive experience building advanced prototypes and high profile demo systems. Our demo systems work and our prototypes give you a good start toward actual deployment. We can demo for you, or teach you to demonstrate the system within your organization.